Right away the inspiration for this exciting new Greek/Cypriot kitchen is obvious… the translation of the Greek word, Yiayia, is ‘grandmother’. William Varnava and Paul Pyrgoudes have drawn on memories of family meals cooked by their Yiayia, Christalla Varnava, as their inspiration for Yiayia’s Kitchen & Grill.

Yiayia’s Kitchen & Grill was founded in October 2016, and later opened its first kitchen and grill in St Albans in May 2017. The values instilled in them by their Yiayia, form the foundation of not only the brand but the authentic Cypriot menu.

The Fox is very excited to announce this joint venture with Yiayia’s, and as of Friday 9th November, the kitchen will be serving delicious Cypriot cuisine to our customers in Lower Bourne and beyond.